How A Month Can Change Things!

What a month April was! I was on the brink of declaring bankruptcy, and or giving my condo back to the bank, selling my laptop just to make it another month! Dan and I were really blessed! His new job, my finally selling the condo! It’s hard to believe that it been almost a month now! My bills are caught up now, all my credit cards have been paid off (well except now my Best Buy card that has a new TV on it). What a relief it has been to get back to paying bills before they are due, rather than late!

I think I have been a lot more bearable to live with now, as I haven’t been near as stressed this month! I can now look forward to the electrician coming out next week to assess our needs for the house, and how much it is going to cost to get our house up to snuff (and having a working dishwasher and disposal again!). Then I can look forward to looking into our new furnace and hopefully central air! I am sure the house will be happy to no longer feel neglected.

Then there is Dan, I am so proud of him! getting his new job as a Nurse’s Aid. He is really learning a lot, and comes home beat, but I get a real sense that he feels it a lot more rewarding than his retail days! I know it is a lot more stressful for him that his old job, but he doesn’t come home complaining about how much he hates his job anymore!

I have taken on new duties at work that have made my day a lot busier as well! But the good news is that there is a slight chance that I might be eligible for a raise this year! I have been capped for almost 7 years now! That would be very nice!

I feel blessed to have such great friends, and I want to thank everybody who put up with my depression, and constant bitching over the last year, especially Dan who got the biggest brunt of my mood swings! I know that I was a pain to many, and not much fun to be around. It has been a big growing experience for me, and has certainly taught me how to manage my money a lot better!

Looking forward to this summer, I definitely want to spend more time with friends and less time sitting around the house doing nothing! Dan and I have already decided that we want to have some more bbqs this year! We love having people over!


5 comments on “How A Month Can Change Things!

  1. I’ll bring the Pepsi!

    So glad you are finally out from under that weight as well. Not that I got in the frustration beam very much, but it is good to see you happy again.

  2. I don’t think anyone can comment on your recent .mac post. I certainly can’t and get the following message which suggests you need to change the page title URL in WP:

    Invalid character in /2007/05/11/mac-–-is-it-still-worth-apples-time/
    The URL can only contain alphanumerics plus the following characters: /.,=:_-

    Thought I should let you know. Also, very glad to read this particular post. Yes, things can change quickly and dramatically and so happy for the better for you right now.

    Um… “bareable”. Not really a word but if it was, it’d mean ‘worthy of having the clothes removed’. Dan may well think this, but I think you, um, meant to say “bearable”. 🙂

    (Okay, so I’m having a pedantic morning. One of the cats woke me at 6am…)

  3. Howard: with Lime? 😉

    Ryan: Thanks 🙂 Yes things are definitely looking up!

    Andy: I have fixed the .Mac post, thanks! as well as bearable 🙂 and thanks for the kind words! btw… love the new header on your site!

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