Welcome Visitors From Scott-O-Rama!

I want to thank Scott-O-Rama for featuring me on his blog of the week today. I also want to take this opportunity to welcome those of you visiting from his site!

I’d like to give credit to a few people out there that have made this all possible.

Howard @ The Web Pen: He has been a big help in figuring out the html coding that goes into a self hosted blog. I have learned quite a bit, thanks to his help.

Julien De Luca: For his beautiful Freshy 2 theme I am using on my site. It is still in beta so there are a few hiccups still, but hopefully the final version will be out soon to addres those.

Dusty: For the beautiful header he has created for my blog. It really helped take this site to that next level!

I hope you enjoy your time here and find things of interest and hope that you will return. Everything pertaining to my blog and I can be found in the left sidebar, and please be sure to check out some of the great blogs I visit daily in my right sidebar! I’d love to know where all of you are visitng from on my guest map!


7 comments on “Welcome Visitors From Scott-O-Rama!

  1. and your blog is all very pretty now, sighs the techno-bimbo… (thinks, will have to get Spicy Cauldron round to mine to do some techno-boy stuff…….)

  2. Yeah, Scott, false modesty there me thinks. Khlari, I am happy to rustle up a little funk in a goth stylee unique to you. Just email me some pics for starters so I can play around in Photoshop with ’em and see what happens.

    And Hayes, Dusty has done you proud and the theme is fab. I like the, dare I say, Windows Aero, vaguely OS X, translucent black bar. My fave bit, that. x

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