Weekly Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – May 20th, 2007

First off, a few none web related tid-bits from this weekend: 🙂

A great tip for those of you trying to save money and love movies! The Cherry Creek Theater‘s movies are all $4 if you go before noon 7 days a week! We went and saw Shrek The Third, and were shocked when it was $8 for the two of us! If you want some great laughs, Shrek is pretty funny! Great animation, just go in knowing the storyline is kinda lame.

This weekend, our odd neighbor across the street from us had a visitor. The scary part was that they were out working on his car, and the visitor was in nothing but his speedo! It was a tad bit disturbing!

Ok, on with the Blog-O-Sphere!

From Gizmodo, If every motorcycle were like this I would be much happier!

I don’t know exactly when last.fm released these new widgets, but they are very cool, and way more informative than the old ones! If the song has a little play button next to it, you can listen to 30 seconds of that song! I have replaced my iPod playlist for this new widget!

Fastlad brings us this great music video from Fujiya & Miyagi

Bossy apparently has the same feelings about change as I do.

My bf, Dan, overheard this wonderful converstation at Noodles this past week.

Ryan has a great post on his feelings about Falwell’s passing this past week.

Howard posted a podcast of his hilarious post about the Bella Sara Horse Trading Cards.


2 comments on “Weekly Blog-O-Sphere Tid-Bits – May 20th, 2007

  1. Thanks for the link. That was a fun one to do because it has Cameron, Matt2 and Leslie voice in it. 🙂 I involved my friends! Weeee!

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