Erasure: Sunday Girl

sundaygirl.jpgI am very excited to make you all aware of Erasure’s next single “Sunday Girl!” In my opinion, this is quite possibly the best song to come from the duo since their heyday in the 80s. It’s infectious, bubbly and happy! Everything that defines an Erasure Song. Being released on July 17th here in the states, you can listen to the full radio mix at their official myspace page.

I know that many people haven’t enjoyed the new Erasure album as much as past albums, and overall I think that this is not their strongest album, but “Light at the End of the World” is a return to the fast paced, make you wanna get up and dance album! Other stand out tracks on the new album include: “Storm in a Teacup,” “When a Lover Leaves You,” and “Golden Heart.”

Even more exciting is that, with the release of iTunes Plus, much of Erasure’s catalog is now available in the new DRM-Free version at the higher bitrate. Their new album is just one of those available.


5 comments on “Erasure: Sunday Girl

  1. Happy? Have you listened to the lyrics? It’s all like, “Hey, baby, you know I love you, but I found someone better. BUUUUUH-bye”.

  2. Yeah… Happy is subjective, I know… It’s still a bubby happy sounding song 🙂 And the person who is leaving the other one is obviously happy now to have someone new in their life.

  3. I agree the track is great and the album not bad at all. I’m listening to Marc Almond’s new one right now, including a fantastic duet with Sarah Cracknell – am wondering if you guys have ever encountered the music of her band, Saint Etienne? x

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