My Weekend Fun! :)

My weekends have been busy as all get out lately, and this past weekend was no exception.

I want to start off by thanking Kath for de-virginizing me at her second Co-ed Sex Toy Party. I was a little aprehensive to go at first, but once I got there it wasn’t as perverted and embarassing as I thought it would be. And thanks to Cameron for his wonderful concoctions he whipped up for the party (The Margarita Mousse was fantastic!). Dan joked with me when he got home that night, that I am the only person who could go to a sex toy party and only come away with a non-sexual item! I ended up buying the octopus, which is one of those hard plastic back massagers. I figured it would help me when Dan begs for a massage. I am not so good at giving good massage!

tastforce.jpgSaturday, I had to go out in search of a new lawnmower. I was out Thrusday night trying to cut the lawn with my freebie pushreel mower. It’s been a nightmare with all the rain we’ve been getting, and I had to weedwhack the whole backyard last weekend as it had gotten way too long to use the reel mower on (some of the weeds were 3ft tall). Well, this time they weren’t too bad, but just all that poor little thing could handle… I was pushing it, and it came to an abrupt stop and the handle bar broke. So I have joined civilized mowing and now own an electric lawnmower!

Saturday night, our friend Walt hosted this month’s game night! Avast Ye Matey, it was heavily pirate themed, with pirate booty and some gold coins, with a fun Pirate game. 13402.jpgThe best game for those of you that really enjoy annoying people to no end was called Curses. It is hysterical watching as the curses build on a person. The best was poor Matt who was cursed with an invisible golf ball in his mouth, and his hands superglued to his head. He was then cursed with having to also talk with an irish accent. Watching him try to pick up cards and read them without taking his hands of his head was downright hysterical!

Sunday was a fun surprise birthday party for one of my co-workers. It was her 40th, and boy was she surprised! She was in tears for a bit, and we all thought we were going to get the boot! But after a margarita or two she was mellowed out and was very thankful! Dan and I gave her a bottle of O&CO’s new White Basalmic with Oregano, man is that stuff delicious! We really got spoiled when Dan worked there and he got his discount. But it got us hooked on their stuff… Who knew that the kind of olive oil you use in cooking could make such a difference!


5 comments on “My Weekend Fun! :)

  1. Thanks for ‘coming’, Hayes 🙂 (just kidding, Dan!)

    It was great having you here and yes, Cameron’s Concoctions were delish. And you were not the only one to buy strictly non-sexual goodies. Trust me on that one.

    Next time Dan needs to grace us with his presence as well!

  2. I dunno. You could get kinky with a plastic octopus. You can get kinky with anything if you put your mind to it. 😛

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