Spoiled Rotten Little Rich Bitch! – UPDATED! x2

UPDATE 06/08/07 1:01pm: She is headed back to jail! The judge has ordered her back to her cell to serve out the rest of her 45 day sentance! Good for him! Not caving into the family!


As many of you have probably already heard, that sniveling little beyotch, Paris, has been released from jail today. And for what? She had a “Medical Condition?!?!” A nervous break Don’t they have doctors at jails to take care of sick people? Oh, wait, I forgot… She’s got money!

This is a huge slap in the face of a justice system that already has proven to be corrupt and unfair. If this had ben joan schmoe crying and not eating and having a nervous break down, they’d be told to suck it up, they’re in jail for Crap’s Sake!

I am so tired of this spoiled brat… She says she has learned a valuable lesson, and hopes others learn from her. Yeah, they all just learned that money will buy you freedom! That’s not cool! I hope there is more fallout from this decision! Idealy, her back in jail, but I know that will never happen!

And, so now she is in house arrest for the next 40 days… And where? At the Hilton Mansion with servents, fresh air, and all the ammenities she could possibly want. That’s not house arrest… That is most people’s heaven! If you ask me, house arrest should be at a slum in East LA for the next 40 days, or a pig farm where she has to sleep with the swine!

So, what does a person do on her first night of house arrest do? Why throw a “Sprung from Jail” party. She can’t go to the clubs, so why not bring the party to her? If you couldn’t tell, this has me more than riled up!

Rant over

UPDATE 06/07/07 7pm:
Paris has been ordered by the same judge that put her behind bars to appear before him tomorrow morning in court. He has apparently questioned whether Sheriff Baca should be held in contempt of court for letting Hilton leave this morning. He is going to determine if she is to go back to jail… Given the past decisions from the judge, I expect to see her back in jail by tomorrow evening!


6 comments on “Spoiled Rotten Little Rich Bitch! – UPDATED! x2

  1. When are you going to learn that celebrities are outside the justice system. Always have been. I’m just surprised she went at all.

  2. Oh, I know… trust me, I just hate her so much I wanted her to rot there! And a few more days would have done it!

  3. I’ve been trying not to follow this story because I knew it would irritate me, but there was so much coverage on Fox News and CNN that I couldn’t help hearing about it when I was channel surfing. She already got to go to “High Profile” jail, that was more than enough special treatment, this is rediculous.

  4. If she can do house arrest at her house, they should send 3 other inmates home with her. She has a 4 bedroom house. Why not put it to good use? She can serve her sentence, help with jail overpopulation AND clean up after the other inmates.

    We can dream.

  5. Well, it was diagnosed by Dr. Andrew Jackson, Dr. Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Grover Cleveland… so it was walletitis.

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