The Almost Wedding Crashers

Tonight, Dan and I had a wedding to go to at the Butterfly Pavilion. It was for a lesbian friend of his from high school. We left early so that Dan could get a gift on the way there, but we still ended up over 30 minutes early.

We walked into the pavilion and this little girl was giving everybody a lei on their way in. We walked in the room, and I waited for Dan to introduce me to her. And then I heard one of the ladies there say… They must be friends of Mark… that’s when things seemed odd.

Dan looked at me and said, I think we might be at the wrong wedding. I looked at him, and said… ok, but there is no where else here for a wedding… He then looked at the invitation that clearly said June 29th! We walked out and gave our leis back to the girl, and I looked at her and said, oops, wrong week. 😳

By qphayes Posted in Humor

7 comments on “The Almost Wedding Crashers

  1. Oh this was funny! I hope you held your heads up high until you got out of the place – and then ran for shame! 😈

  2. It was tempting to stay and pretend that we were friends that they just obviously didn’t remember. But we had better things to do than hang out at a Hawaiian themed wedding, like going to Best Buy and looking at things to buy with my gift certificate there! 🙂

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