Blog Frustrations

Lately, both Howard, and myself have noticed a severe drop in the performance of our blogs. We are trying to determine where the problem lies. It seems to us to be a database issue on our host site. Bizland is telling us this is not the case, that the site is just as speedy as ever for them.

I would like to hear what your experiences are when visiting our blogs. Does it seem like it is taking forever for it to load for you? Can you comment with information like where you are visiting from, and what type of connection you are using, and who it’s through if possible. And if you are willing to share it, your IP address as well?

It has become a real problem for the two of us, as posting is taking a long time for us, and making it difficult to get new stuff up.

Thanks for you help in advance!


9 comments on “Blog Frustrations

  1. I have noticed it taking substantially longer to load yours and Howard’s blog pages. Comments sections take forever to open up and frequently my submitted post just hangs there. It can’t be just coincidence that you both have the same problem and no one else.

  2. I concur with Kevin.

    Over the last week especially, both sites take a long time to load and view comments.

    But I wait patiently, since the day is not complete unless I visit your sites at least twice a day!

  3. I’ve had no issues at all with either blog, suggesting perhaps that the problem is pipeline-specific to your region so not necessarily anything to do with your webhost? Whatever the answer, there’s been no speed, no performance problems, whatsoever in getting to you from where I am in the UK. x

  4. Both take forever for me to load… I thought the problem might just be that my computer sucks, but I guess it’s not that simple.

  5. Just a thought, wondering if you and Howard ever optimise your database using the WP-DB Manager which you can get from here.

    If either of you are using the EZ-Scrobbler music plugin, you need to empty its cache in the settings for the above database plugin once in a while as it bloats. I optimise once a week, but you only really MUST do it once a month.

    Other plugins may bloat your database. What size does yours come in at when you back up? Really, it shouldn’t be more than a few megabytes. Mine comes in at the moment at 2.3MB but if I don’t optimise and flush the EZ-Scrobbler cache for a long time, it can grow huge and cumbersome – the biggest it ever got to, before I found out what to do about it, was an incredible 16MB!!!

    In addition, you may be using any one or more badly-coded plugins that will drag your sites down. I know Howard has loads of add-ons as I use a Firefox extension called NoScript that allows me to ‘yea or nay’ any I come across while browing and his site pops up with lots and lots of scripts from third-parties. I say yes to most of them unless it’s clear they’re ad-trackers and related gumph. x

  6. To those of you having problems, I am working hard at trying to get to the root of the problem! Please be patient.

    Andy: Thanks for the advice. I have installed the WP-DB Manager, and optimized, we’ll see if that has any effect. As for the EZ-Scrobbler, I don’t think I have that on here.

  7. Hi! I get problems with both of them when I look at work (loading, comments glitches tec) which is on IE on broadband, but not so much at home (Firefox/Broadband), if that’s any help….

  8. Thanks for the feedback Khlari! I still haven’t been able to track down the problems, although optimizing seems to have sped things up a bit. But even then, it is still inconsistent. Seems a little tied to the time of day as well as where you are located.

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