Going Along the Same Theme…

Well, the Drug theme that is… You see these things on tv, but it is much scarier to witness in person! In what I can only assume was a drug bust, I was driving, and a U-haul pulled out of an alley… I noticed they had forgot to put the door down, then even more bizarre I noticed that there were a bunch of people in the back.

At first I thought maybe it was a bunch of illegal immigrant workers being dropped off at their homes. But as I got closer, I noticed that they were all dressed in black and all had automatic rifles in their hands. There were roughly 6 of them in the back, with a german shepherd. It was a swat team… I was a little scared, and didn’t know if I should continue following them.

Luckily, just as I was going to turn as to not be behind them anymore, they turned down a street. I was too scared to try and find out what they were doing, but I am going to watch the news and find out if they have any info on a big bust! The picture above is a very close representation of what they looked like in the back of that U-haul.


Childhood Dream Car To Go Back Into Production

Growing up, I had this poster gracing my wall for many years. Back then I had no idea it had so much symbolism in it regarding Mr. DeLorean. All I knew was that I loved that car!

Well, it turns out that a group of grease monkeys from Houston are going to be re-introducing the DeLorean in a very limited production of 200. They have 200 of the original engines, and will start producing about 20 a year starting in 2008.

Now, if only I had $42,500 for a car!

Aqua De Troit

aquadetroit.jpgPepsi, today, announced what we have long suspected. They announced that Aquafina water comes from the same tap as the water in your home. New bottles of Aquafina will be labeled as P.W.S. (Public Water Source) after much criticism over making it seem like the water comes from mountain springs.

I have been in many discussions with people over paying the high price for something we can get for free out of taps everywhere. One friend of mine said she could tell the difference between bottled waters almost as if choosing a fine wine. While it probably goes through some kind of purification before being bottled, you can accomplish the same thing with a water filter. Why do people continue to pay upwards of $3.00 a bottle for this stuff? As with the Tootsie Pop, The world may never know!

Moving Hosts… Prepare for Upheaval

Well, following Howard’s cue… I have decided to suck it up and move my site before my contact is up with bizland… Thanks for all the feedback on hosting sites. I have decided to go with AN Hosting, they seemed to offer the most for the money, and seeing how Howard’s blog flies now, I want the same.

So, I apologize for any inconvenience this causes over the next few days for everyone. But, in the end, I am hoping for a more efficient blog that you will want to keep coming back. I was hoping to wait, but it seems to be getting worse.

The Hive Collective Has Been Destroyed!

Thanks to Pointe Pest Control, the Hive of Yellowjackets living under our front door step are a annihilated! It was scary watching the swarm around him as he used everything in his arsenal to kill off the nest. He estimated there to be 100+ yellowjackets in there.

Being allergic to them myself, I was not about to attempt this task myself. He just managed to get right in there and attack them at their source. He also sprayed around the rest of our house to make sure that no more pests make their way into the house.

Boy was it nice to walk to my truck this morning without doing the odd dance to avoid the wasps flying around me!

Cooler Days Ahead for Us!

ac.jpgWell, now that I finally have the money to start fixing up the house, I started by buying us a portable AC unit for the house! I didn’t want too powerful a unit as I was afraid that even the 7000 btu unit I bought would be too much for our circuits… but amazingly, almost 24 hours later it is still going and hasn’t knocked out our power yet! If only I had been able to buy it a month ago!

Needless to say, it was probably the most comfortable night’s sleep we’ve had in months at the house! Other than waking this morning to the sun shining right in my eyes an hour before I was supposed to get up… We had to re-arrange the bedroom to accomodate it. I guess it is time to put up a curtain or something on that window! It did an ok job in the living room yesterday as long as you were close to it.

Dan and I enjoyed the comfort while he read, and I listened to the new Harry Potter book yesterday. I had also bought a shredder to get rid of old bills and invoices from many years of collecting… Something very calming about shredding… Felt like I had my own little Enron going on yesterday! Although the first one crapped out, so I had to return it and get a little bit nicer one!

The Exterminator Cometh

nowasp.jpgThe problem has gotten out of hand… I have had those traps in our trees, one infront, and one in back. They really do work great at capturing those pesky little yellow buggers. I mean in a week and a half they are both almost full. However, it has become quite apparant that they are far more out of control than I had thought.

There is a little crack in the front porch that they have made home. I fear that given the size of the crack, that the nest is really in the walls of the house. I have had to take much more drastic measures and call in the exterminators. So as a result, I will be having them come in and do some bi-monthly maintenance of our house. If I could actually see the nest I would try and take care of it myself, but I want to make sure they are all gone!