What a Great Weekend!

We had a lot going on this weekend, and am I ever exhausted from it today! But, it was a lot of fun. It started out on Friday night with going to a late show of Ratatouille. Another Pixar masterpiece! Although, Cars is still my favorite! 🙂 The story was great, and of course the animation was spectacular! A must see for anyone who loves either, food, animation or just a flat out good movie!

Saturday morning, Dan and I slept in a bit, then it was off to go shopping for my anniversary present at Flatirons Crossing. I had figured it out about mid week what he was getting me. Of course first stop when we walked in the mall was the Apple store, it was right in front of us when we walked in. I had to check out the new iPhone… All I can say is wow! I have to get one! I am working on saving up the money as of that moment! Going through my stuff to see what I can sell to raise the $600! 🙂 Everything you see it do on tv and the web, is true, it really works that well, and quickly! It took every bone in my body and massive will power to not just put the phone on my credit card right then and there! and a struggle that will continue until the money is saved!

anniversarywatch.JPGThen it was on to Fossil, where I got to shop for my new watch. Such an overwhelming selection of gorgeous watches! Dan has always been frustrated with me for always having to ask the time, so that was how I figured out what we were shopping for! After going back and forth, I finally made a choice from their Watch Bar… Kinda like build-a-bear, only cool! You get to choose from like 20 different faces, and equally as many wrist bands. Then they assemble it and you pick a tin. It is the coolest watch I think I have ever had! Thank you so much Dan for a wonderful anniversary present.

Then it was off to a bbq at one of Dan’s friends. It was a nice relaxing afternoon in the sun. And I got to meet a great dane for the first time… Wow! BIG BIG DOG! And that tail is quite painful to boot!

Then for the main course! Cirque Du Soleil! Corteo… I have been once before, but our seats were unfortunately behind a pole, so it wasn’t such a good time. This time we had fantastic seats in the 4th row. Any closer and my neck would hurt from the straining of looking up. Words escape me how cool the experience was and how fantastic the show is! All I can say is that everyone needs to experience one of these shows up close and in person! Poor Dan though at the beginning when they were warming the audience up… He was sending text messages on his phone, and one of the actors didn’t like him not paying attention. He came over and sprayed Dan’s head with his cleaing bottle, and wiped it clean and buffed it like a nice pair of leather shoes! Dan put his phone away and turned 20 shades of red! As HDW mentioned in one of her comments, if you make it, do watch out for floating midgets! I don’t think I can miss another Cirque Du Soleil that comes to town!

Sunday I got up early and met up with Lorne, and we went to Wash park for an early morning walk. He and I have started trying to make an effort to go for 2-3 walks a week and usually 4-6 miles. We have managed to keep it up for over a month now! My legs are sure firming up from the walks! Now I will have to start on some upper body exercises. That evening I went and had dinner with my mom.

What an enjoyable weekend, and a great way to celebrate Dan and I hitting 3 years together!


6 comments on “What a Great Weekend!

  1. Seriously? Cars is your favorite Pixar movie?? What about Monster’s Inc?? Toy Story?? Even the one with the Ants for cripe’s sake???

  2. Howard: Glad you approve of the watch!

    HDW: Thanks, yeah, Cirque was just amazing! I hope I can always go each year now!

    Kath: I have always loved Fossil… Can’t say that I have paid a whole lot of attention to their purses however. 🙂

    cb: Don’t get me wrong, I love all the pixar movies… I don’t know, maybe it’s because I had an instant attachment to Cars because of my love of cars, but I can’t stop watching it!

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