The Next Big Step!

Today, I took a big step. I applied for a home equity line of credit. Now that the condo is behind me, I can finally move on. And the next step is to get some of the renovations done to this house that are dire!

First on the agenda is the electrical. This house is pretty much in need of a complete rewire and breaker box. I have an extension cord running from the garage room to my office just to keep my computer going since that is the only outlet that can support the needs of the computer, everything else it trips the breaker. We need to get the electrical done in the kitchen so we can make use of the brand new dishwasher and disposal that have not been able to be turned on. And we need to get it set up so that we can handle an air conditioner or something in this house! The heat is killing us!

Then we need to replace some of the plumbing, and maybe add a second bath if it fits in the budget! Also up is a lot of work in the kitchen, like a new floor since we currently just have a sub floor there! Also, before winter hits again, is a new furnace and I’d like to see central air added with it, or at least a swamp cooler!

Jeff, We will definitely have to talk! I think we will be in need of your services! It’s kind of exciting, but scary at the same time, who knows what problems we’ll unearth in this 60 year old house!


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