WooHoo!! Vacation Time Soon!

I just got done purchasing our tickets for our trip to Boston and New York for next month! It will be the first real vacation Dan and I have taken together, and my first vacation in over two years! Now what to do while we are there? I have been told definitely the NBC studios tour, oh and the Guggenheim… Any suggestions for those of you who have visited either place would be great!

Could life be any better? Oh yeah, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is finally in theaters! I wish I could see it tomorrow, but I want to see it with Dan, so it will probably be Saturday morning. It’s funny seeing the countdown at zero! I have had it up since the movie was more than a year a way!


4 comments on “WooHoo!! Vacation Time Soon!

  1. We re-watched the last film together the other night, D and I, and my attitude towards it has softened (the first time I saw it, I thought it was really bad despite impressive FX) but I still think it’s obvious to anyone who reads the books where the massive cuts in the storyline were, and so it absolutely jars when watching it for that reason. There are a lot of odd jumps from scene to scene in that film, and I just hope they make a better job of condensing things this time round. Imelda Staunton will undoubtedly be brilliant, she’s a fantastic actor and I recommend anything she’s ever been in. x

  2. Andy, I found the same true for each HP movie. The second time is better for those who have read the book. I probably won’t see it until Sunday as I have an article to write. Ugh.

  3. I used to intern at NBC in Burbank, CA. Please don’t waste your valuable time doing this in NYC…it is really nothing special…unless you have a week in NYC alone and are looking to burn time.

    Have never been to NYC but I have been to Boston three times. Adore Boston! So much history…so much to see and do. We’ll definitely have to get together soon so I can fill you in, if you are interested!

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