Web Hosting Advice From My Readers…

As I have posted recently, Howard and I are having issues with slow sites from our current hosting company bizland. Bizland is telling us that the slowdown is on our end, but Howard and I just aren’t believing it. Load times for both our admin page and our blogs are inconsistent throughout the day.

Well, at this point we have had enough… We are both looking to abandon ship and move to a new hosting company. Some of the things we have seen that might be causing us problems are the fact that they are not using the most current versions of php and mysql. All of our problems seem to be database driven, as when you visit any of our pages that do not rely on the mysql database, they are just fine.

Three of the front runners for us to look at are three that WordPress themselves are recommending. Bluehost, ANHosting and HostICan. Price wise and storagewise, they are all pretty comparable. So it comes down to which one people prefere. And that’s where you all come in. If you can please respond with who you are using, and their reputation, we would appreciate it.

Thanks for all your help!


2 comments on “Web Hosting Advice From My Readers…

  1. How ironic, seeing as I’ve tried to log onto your site 3x today and was only successful just now @ 10:33 PM! Sorry, I have not heard of those hosting companies…which means nothing.

    I use Typepad for my blog…the medium service for around $80/year. I think they’re great.

    Good luck with your choice. Hopefully it will be better than what you have now.

  2. I’m with ANHosting, which is actually a part of Midphase.com – some outages (which is to be expected after all) but having been with them nearly two years I can sincerely say their service is absolutely astounding; the amount of webspace you get phenomenal and the cost unarguable!

    It would take something terrible to happen to make me move now 🙂
    Karen x

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