Weekend Getaway!

ootp.jpgWe started the Saturday morning off by finally getting to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. As far as Harry Potter movies go, I think this was one of the best attempts at interpreting the books. Especially one of the longer books like this one. One of the biggest problems in the past with the movies is the fact that the overlook much of the book. While they had to do it in this movie as well, they did find some creative ways of brushing over some of the important details they didn’t have time to get to. So when you go to the movie, pay close attention to the headlines in every newspaper. More subtle hints are throughout the movie just based on little one liners that people have throughout. Overall, I would give OOtP 4 out of 5 stars!

lordofthesoccer.jpgThat afternoon, we headed up to Manitou Springs with friends… Just outside of Colorado Springs, this quaint little town is well know for it’s historic Penny Arcade! This month, our game night gayleague.jpgwent on the road. We spent the evening playing all kinds of historic pinball and arcade games… as well as a few newer games. Games like this classic soccer game (above left) that when playing, as Mark pointed out, looked like Lord of the Dance Soccer. A penny to play though, very affordable! Also fun, was this basketball game (right). Take a close look at the people in the background having a very “gay” olé time!

swingbattabatta.jpgDan had some fun playing the baseball pinball like game where you had to try and hit specific gates to get single, double, triples or a homerun. The homerun was pretty much imposible on this game, shootemup.jpgbut still a lot of fun! They also had a large collection of shooting gallery games! (right) Click on any of these thumbnails to get a larger view of the different games. They had real homemade funnel cakes there… nothing compares to a homemade funnel cake!

Dan and Leslie had their nuttiness on the various rides there that they could barely fit into. leslieshelicopterride.jpgDan in his bright purple dragon, and leslie in her helicopter! Some of the other fun games were a newer pinball version of Lord of the Rings, and the Star Wars pinball games. Of course who can’t have a good time playing skeeball! It was a great time, and nice to revert back to childhood for an evening of fun back in a time forgotten by many! If anyone is looking for a great diversion while visiting Colorado, I highly recommend checking this Penny Arcade out. Much of it looks like it hasn’t changed in many many decades!

rosies.jpgWe got up the next morning, and drove back to Denver, stopping at a wonderful little diner in Monument, CO called Rosie’s. One of the few remaining classic diners out there, the food was great, and the atmosphere was fun! So thank you to Matt, Leslie, Mark, Walt, Bill and Clint for a wonderful time! Dan and I really enjoyed ourselves!


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