Sunday Girl – US Release

outnow.jpgWow, I have been busy this week! I totally missed the release of Sunday Girl in the US this past Tuesday, July 17th! For those in the states that didn’t want to spend the money on this single as an import… It’s now available for a much more reasonable price! Of course you don’t get the pretty Picture Disc! But you can buy it in iTunes Plus format for $4.49. This to me is by far one of the best singles to come along from Erasure since Always in 1994. Also included is “Take Me On a Highway.” This is one of the best b-sides I have heard from them! For your enjoyment, I have included the song below for your listening pleasure.

Their next single has been announced as well. For those of you with a Mac with Garageband, and the desire to remix, you have until July 27th! They are having a competition, and the winning mix will be featured on the upcoming single for “When A Lover Leaves You.”


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