The Exterminator Cometh

nowasp.jpgThe problem has gotten out of hand… I have had those traps in our trees, one infront, and one in back. They really do work great at capturing those pesky little yellow buggers. I mean in a week and a half they are both almost full. However, it has become quite apparant that they are far more out of control than I had thought.

There is a little crack in the front porch that they have made home. I fear that given the size of the crack, that the nest is really in the walls of the house. I have had to take much more drastic measures and call in the exterminators. So as a result, I will be having them come in and do some bi-monthly maintenance of our house. If I could actually see the nest I would try and take care of it myself, but I want to make sure they are all gone!


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