Cooler Days Ahead for Us!

ac.jpgWell, now that I finally have the money to start fixing up the house, I started by buying us a portable AC unit for the house! I didn’t want too powerful a unit as I was afraid that even the 7000 btu unit I bought would be too much for our circuits… but amazingly, almost 24 hours later it is still going and hasn’t knocked out our power yet! If only I had been able to buy it a month ago!

Needless to say, it was probably the most comfortable night’s sleep we’ve had in months at the house! Other than waking this morning to the sun shining right in my eyes an hour before I was supposed to get up… We had to re-arrange the bedroom to accomodate it. I guess it is time to put up a curtain or something on that window! It did an ok job in the living room yesterday as long as you were close to it.

Dan and I enjoyed the comfort while he read, and I listened to the new Harry Potter book yesterday. I had also bought a shredder to get rid of old bills and invoices from many years of collecting… Something very calming about shredding… Felt like I had my own little Enron going on yesterday! Although the first one crapped out, so I had to return it and get a little bit nicer one!


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