The Hive Collective Has Been Destroyed!

Thanks to Pointe Pest Control, the Hive of Yellowjackets living under our front door step are a annihilated! It was scary watching the swarm around him as he used everything in his arsenal to kill off the nest. He estimated there to be 100+ yellowjackets in there.

Being allergic to them myself, I was not about to attempt this task myself. He just managed to get right in there and attack them at their source. He also sprayed around the rest of our house to make sure that no more pests make their way into the house.

Boy was it nice to walk to my truck this morning without doing the odd dance to avoid the wasps flying around me!


5 comments on “The Hive Collective Has Been Destroyed!

  1. Wasps (and other assorted black and yellow flying things) are nothing to mess around with if you’re allergic…. good to hear they’re gone. Also good to hear that no one had to use the scary hardware store can of hive-killer spray.

  2. I have a phobia of bees and wasps. Yikes! Good to hear they are gone. I normally would think “call a bee keeper” but yea.. not for yellowjackets. Wasps are just plain nasty. 😯

  3. Hayes,

    Howard told me you might be switching to a new host. I don’t know if you have decided or not but if you are thinking about dreamhost, I have a link on my blog that gets you half off any yearly subscription.

    Once while backpacking i walked into a cabin that was infested with wasps a few of the got in my pants and began to sting. i have never in my life taken my pants off so quickly (while running).

    Have a great day.

  4. Kath: Yes, definitely a relief!

    Robin: Thanks for the offer to spray the hive… but I am glad this way you didn’t have to do it!

    Lisa: I can totally relate to the phobia! I am sure it is highly entertaining to anyone who sees me when one is around.

    Hubs: Yikes… see, I always knew hiking was dangerous for one’s health! 😉

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