Aqua De Troit

aquadetroit.jpgPepsi, today, announced what we have long suspected. They announced that Aquafina water comes from the same tap as the water in your home. New bottles of Aquafina will be labeled as P.W.S. (Public Water Source) after much criticism over making it seem like the water comes from mountain springs.

I have been in many discussions with people over paying the high price for something we can get for free out of taps everywhere. One friend of mine said she could tell the difference between bottled waters almost as if choosing a fine wine. While it probably goes through some kind of purification before being bottled, you can accomplish the same thing with a water filter. Why do people continue to pay upwards of $3.00 a bottle for this stuff? As with the Tootsie Pop, The world may never know!


One comment on “Aqua De Troit

  1. OMG, Yes! Yes! I totally hear you! We bought a PUR water filter a long time ago and we swear by it! Though we still get water bottles, its very, VERY rarely we do, like if we are incredibly thirsty and there’s no tap with a pur water filter in sight, and a gas station out in the middle of nowhere, and even then we reuse our bottles to have something to hold our purified tap water. Salt Lake City water tastes like crap!!! We want to get the new pur water filter with the flavor pockets, but we’re going to wait till the one we have now breaks down.

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