Boycott the Peacock! How Can I Do It?

nbc_no.jpgApple, today, announced that they will be dropping NBC from its offerings on the iTunes Store. NBC is up for renewal in Dec with their contract with Apple. In order to continue, they have demanded that Apple pay more than double their current wholesale price to offer NBC shows. That increase would mean that episodes would go from $1.99 to $4.99 on iTunes. That is a very hefty price just to watch a show that is free on their website (if you want to watch it at your computer).

I am sure that Universal/Vivendi is behind this move, as Universal Music has long since wanted to raise their prices in iTunes as well. Is it time for the world to start a boycott of this behemouth that seems to feel they need to rip their customers a new one to have access to their material? I would love to do this, save for 2 problems! Eureka and Heroes. These are two of my absolute favorite shows on TV right now. Both of them attached to the NBC label of networks. If I want to truly boycott NBC, I would have to give up two of the three shows I make a point of watching every week. Damn them for having me in their clutches!

I give Apple the thumbs up for standing up for what is right. They don’t want to raise prices on their customers, and it is good to see that they will fight for that over the profit they will loose. Let’s hope that this doesn’t become a trend for other networks that want to raise their prices. It will be interesting to see if Amazon’s Unbox raises their prices, currently at $1.99 like Apple’s. If they are given the same stipulation that Apple has been given, will they turn on NBC, or will they decide they want the profit more? Or will they still be able to get the same deal with NBC that they are currently being given?

I don’t fully understand why it is that Universal/NBC feels that they want to do this, as I am sure many others don’t. Do they really want to send everyone running back to piracy to get the content they are after? I can certainly guarantee that if the price had gone to $4.99 per episode, that there are a large number of people that would have looked that way. Now that NBC Will be absent from iTunes, that may very well be where those people end up anyway. What’s better there Universal? A loss of revenue becuase of prices going up, or a loss of profit from the loss of the largest online retailer of music and video? Either way, this is going to send people right back to piracy that Apple has opened the iTunes store to fight.

Will, I fully boycott NBC? I don’t know… Heroes is the best show to come along on TV in a very long time. I guess it will be time to just go back to recording the show and having to put up with forwarding through commercials.

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Whew, Not Cheap!

Here I sit at McDs, while my poor Taco sits at Discount Tires waiting for it’s new shoes. One of my tires had developed a slow leak. I stopped in to get it fixed and, well, my tires have dryrot! $750 later and I will have beautiful new all season tires. I just wan’t prepared for it to be that much today.

Crowded House In Concert – Aug 22, 2007

Thanks to Jeff C., I had the opportunity to go see Crowded House in concert last night at the Fillmore Auditorium!

I have been a fan of their music since the early 90s when I discovered them on KBCO. I could not get enough of their album Woodface. Still to me some of their best music! “Fall at Your Feet,” “Weather With You” and “Four Seasons in One Day” are still in my top played songs today!

The concert proved that they still got what it takes. Neil Finn’s son, Liam, opened the concert with a set of his own music. He is a one man act on his own. Making use of a guitar loop machine, he took me by surprise when he stopped playing the guitar to move to the drums, and the guitar kept going. Jeff explained to me after the set how he did that. I was a bit confused thinking he hadn’t been playing the guitar. He has a lot of energy, and it was amazing how much his voice sounded like Neil’s!

After his set, Fountains of Wayne came on. Lorne was quite excited by this as this was their first time in Denver. I am not completely familiar with their music, but know a little of it. They were very entertaining, although their one guitarist seemed a little out of it last night, seemed almost bored. They did talk about being very excited to be opening for Crowded House. Back in the early days, they through demo tapes on stage at a Crowded House concert. So this meant a lot to them.

Then came the big show! Neil was in great form, as was the rest of the band. His son joined them on stage to help out with guitar and piano. Neil’s enjoyment for performing is very evident. He has a lot of energy, and just feels like he is at home on the stage. They just give an amazing live performance! They sang all their classics, didn’t miss even one of my favorites!

They came back for three encores, and would have continued on, but the venue had other ideas. So they had to end, but I get the feeling Neil would have gone on all night if they had been allowed to. Jeff told me that he has a bootleg concert where they just get to a point where they started playing cover songs, and didn’t want to end the cocnert. They really feed from the energy of the crowd and Denver did not dissapoint them. There was a lot of audience participation, and you could just tell that the band really appreciated their fans!

I will never forget the experience. It was an amazing concert for, what Dan called, an old man’s concert… He figured we’d be done by like 9:30 or 10pm, and was shocked when I called at 11:15 to tell him that we had just gotten out. If they ever come your way, I highly recommend seeing them in concert!

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Bout Time AT&T

I just got a text from AT&T saying that bills will no longer have internet usage itemized. This will help save customers from getting 300 page bills! I have been doing paperless billing for years… but that seemed ridiculous! However, should you still want to see all that info, you will be able to go online and see it still.

Back Safe and Sound

We made it back from New York about 4pm on Monday. I am sorry I didn’t get another update, but once we got to NY, I didn’t really have the time to post anything. I have pictures from our trip posted here. I crashed hard when we got home yesterday about 5pm, and was basically out of it until this morning when I had to get ready for work.

We met up with our friends Edward and Thom in Central Square. They took us to a fantastic little restaurant around there. The menu was quite varied, and I had a wonderful Spinach Fettuchinie with grilled chicken. After dinner we took a taxi over to the Broadway district. We were going to go and eat at Junior’s for dessert, but the line was too long, so we walked around some more. Soo many people and a city larger than life! You see all the pictures on TV, but until you see it in person, it’s hard to believe that it really looks like that!

After mastering the subway system that night, we went back to Kellen’s for bedtime… Got up the next morning and went back to Manhattan to see the Guggenheim, such an amazing Art Gallery! After spending a few hours there, Dan and I headed down 5th Avenue. We walked to the 5th Avenue Apple Store, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the cube entrance to the store is! More amazing was the constant stream going in and out of the store! They couldn’t have asked for a better location!

We then went into FAO Schwartz and found a gift for this weekend’s Baby Shower for D and Jolene. It was very difficult to find restaurants in this area, so we finally had some street vendor food. It was actually pretty decent. We then continued our walk towards the Empire State Building. We accidentally came across Rockefeller Plaza so we of course had to stop and look around. We finally made it to the Empire State Building, were I was surprised by finding a Chipotle there! Boy, they have come a long was since opening their first location on Evans across from DU! I started eating there almost back at the begninning in 95 when I transfered to the DU Kinko’s. Still my favorite fast food restaurant to this day!

We made it back to Kellen’s in Brooklyn, were she took us to one of her favorite restaurants there. It was a little Authentic Italian restaurant that was started by a family that moved over from Italy. What can I say… nothing can beat an original!

Thanks to Kellen and Gina for allowing us to stay at their places! It was great to get to do all we did! And Dan and I discovered that we can even handle being around each other for that long without too many problems! 🙂 It was great to get to see Missy, Edward and Thom as well!

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The Red Coats are Coming

Yesterday we met up with Dan’s Aunt Pam that he hadn’t seen in like 24 years. She is a very nice lady and took us on the freedom trail where we got to experience many of the places of significance from Paul Revere’s famed ride. So much history in such a small amount of space!

Then we went to Kowloon’s for dinner. For those of you who have experienced Casa Bonita, this was like the Polynesian equivalent! The exception being that the food was really good… Especially my garlic lobster! Across the street was a very out of place sign for a steak house. If was shaped like a gigantic suguaro cactus. I have posted a picture in my gallery. We then went to J.P. Lick’s where we experienced the most fantastic cake batter ice cream!

This mornig we woke up and had the Massachusetts state doughnut at Duncan Donuts. Who’d of guessed they were the Starbucks of the east coast. We then went to the Boston Aquarium were Dan got to see his sharks.

We are now on the road to NY! More to come!

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Mmm… Seafood!

After a slight delay in Kansas City, we finally landed in Boston tonight at around 7:30 pm. We went to Union Oyster House. It is America’s oldest continuously operated restaurant. Their clam chowder was amazing! Definitly a must for any seafood lover. I had a hard time deciding as I really wanted lobster… But I decided on another favorite of mine… Grilled swordfish. Everyone’s meal was amazing!

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