The Rose Report – The Early Years

Dan and I were talking this weekend about annoying little kids at Target, and the crying that was peircing my head like a knife. He reminded me that I was probably like that one day, and then reminded me of a certain incident my mom had told him about from my childhood.

The first story was a flight my mom and myself took to Miami to go visit my grandparents when I was like 4 or 5. We were approaching Miami, and there was a kid in another seat that looked out the window. He asked his mom if that was Miami he saw out the window. His mother told him it was… My mom apparently looked over and saw me crying. She asked me what was wrong, and I looked at her and said, “But Mom, I thought it was My Ami.” I guess I thought the whole city was mine. 🙂

Along those same lines, we were visiting Mt. Rushmore, or as I called them… The Rock Men. We were driving through the mountains and approaching the Rock Men. Again, my mom looked back and saw me crying… Apparently, I must have done that a lot as a kid. She asked me what was wrong. I had been seeing glimpses of them through the trees as we were driving. I looked up at my mom, and said, “I thought we were going to stop and look at them.”

Lastly… I was being babysat by my godparent’s daughters one day. I had been wandering around, and, being the nosy child, ended up it the parents room. My godmother would wear wigs, and she had one of those styrofoam heads that she put the wig on. Her daughters had drawn a face on the thing. I apparently came running out of the room screaming and crying. I had thought she had a decapitated head sitting on her dresser.

I guess that’s enough embarassment from my childhood for now… I dare you to share some of your funnier and embarassing childhood memories with us!


4 comments on “The Rose Report – The Early Years

  1. I was a perfect child that never cried and never caused any trouble? Why? I was the kid in the corner with my nose in a book.

  2. I was a helpful kid. I was at the grocery store with my mom, and she forgot a coupon or something, and told the cashier, “Well, son of a gun.”
    I corrected her, “Mom, you mean son of a bitch!” I guess I had good listening skills.

  3. Haha your stories cracked me up. I would love to see a picture of you as a little kid Hayes.

    I vaguely remember this story my mom loves to tell, but it could just be a false memory from hearing it so much. Anyway, we were on a trip to Montana when I was about 3. I had gone through a pretty serious illness a few months before and had numerous tests done (spinal tap, etc) that made me scared of EVERYTHING. I would barely let go of my mom’s leg even.
    Anyway, we were sitting in the motel room when we heard a loud crash outside, a housekeeping cart tipped over.
    “Whaaaat was thaaaaaat???” I whimpered in a shaky voice, on the verge of losing it.
    “Oh that was just the maid honey” my mom said reasurring me.
    “Whaaaats a maiiiiiid??!” I started to cry, absolutely terrified. My poor mother delt with that constantly for about a year, good god.

    Around the same time my grandma took me to an Imax show when it first opened at the Natural History museum, as it was known then. It was a show on Hawaii and volcanos. The opening scene was a volcano erupting, and the image was so big and so loud I sat stunned for about 3 seconds, then screaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamed at the top of my lungs. My grandma hurried me out and bribed me to quit crying by rushing me to the zoo and “adopting” me a baby Giraffee named Jim.

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