iPhone Blissness!

Yes, I broke down and decided to buy the iPhone last night… Giving into the temptation that has gripped me. All I can say, is that this is the phone I have been wanting! It does everything I could ever want a phone to do… Effortless to use, and I’ve even been able to master the tiny keyboard with my big thumbs!

I had been planning on getting a new MacBook Pro in October to release my desktop… But after getting the iPhone, it does everything I would probably ever use a laptop for when traveling, so I have decided that come October, it will be a shiny new iMac instead to replace my current machine!

I can’t even express how immediately the connection with this phone was. It was my post to my blog from the Apple store that finally convinced me that I was a fool to wait any longer! I find the edge network to be plenty fast for normal use. Not going to want to be doing any major surfing on the network, but then again, I wouldn’t want to be doing major surfing on the phone or on vacation.

Apple has once again nailed their product on the nose!


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