The Red Coats are Coming

Yesterday we met up with Dan’s Aunt Pam that he hadn’t seen in like 24 years. She is a very nice lady and took us on the freedom trail where we got to experience many of the places of significance from Paul Revere’s famed ride. So much history in such a small amount of space!

Then we went to Kowloon’s for dinner. For those of you who have experienced Casa Bonita, this was like the Polynesian equivalent! The exception being that the food was really good… Especially my garlic lobster! Across the street was a very out of place sign for a steak house. If was shaped like a gigantic suguaro cactus. I have posted a picture in my gallery. We then went to J.P. Lick’s where we experienced the most fantastic cake batter ice cream!

This mornig we woke up and had the Massachusetts state doughnut at Duncan Donuts. Who’d of guessed they were the Starbucks of the east coast. We then went to the Boston Aquarium were Dan got to see his sharks.

We are now on the road to NY! More to come!

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