Back Safe and Sound

We made it back from New York about 4pm on Monday. I am sorry I didn’t get another update, but once we got to NY, I didn’t really have the time to post anything. I have pictures from our trip posted here. I crashed hard when we got home yesterday about 5pm, and was basically out of it until this morning when I had to get ready for work.

We met up with our friends Edward and Thom in Central Square. They took us to a fantastic little restaurant around there. The menu was quite varied, and I had a wonderful Spinach Fettuchinie with grilled chicken. After dinner we took a taxi over to the Broadway district. We were going to go and eat at Junior’s for dessert, but the line was too long, so we walked around some more. Soo many people and a city larger than life! You see all the pictures on TV, but until you see it in person, it’s hard to believe that it really looks like that!

After mastering the subway system that night, we went back to Kellen’s for bedtime… Got up the next morning and went back to Manhattan to see the Guggenheim, such an amazing Art Gallery! After spending a few hours there, Dan and I headed down 5th Avenue. We walked to the 5th Avenue Apple Store, I couldn’t believe how beautiful the cube entrance to the store is! More amazing was the constant stream going in and out of the store! They couldn’t have asked for a better location!

We then went into FAO Schwartz and found a gift for this weekend’s Baby Shower for D and Jolene. It was very difficult to find restaurants in this area, so we finally had some street vendor food. It was actually pretty decent. We then continued our walk towards the Empire State Building. We accidentally came across Rockefeller Plaza so we of course had to stop and look around. We finally made it to the Empire State Building, were I was surprised by finding a Chipotle there! Boy, they have come a long was since opening their first location on Evans across from DU! I started eating there almost back at the begninning in 95 when I transfered to the DU Kinko’s. Still my favorite fast food restaurant to this day!

We made it back to Kellen’s in Brooklyn, were she took us to one of her favorite restaurants there. It was a little Authentic Italian restaurant that was started by a family that moved over from Italy. What can I say… nothing can beat an original!

Thanks to Kellen and Gina for allowing us to stay at their places! It was great to get to do all we did! And Dan and I discovered that we can even handle being around each other for that long without too many problems! 🙂 It was great to get to see Missy, Edward and Thom as well!

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