Crowded House In Concert – Aug 22, 2007

Thanks to Jeff C., I had the opportunity to go see Crowded House in concert last night at the Fillmore Auditorium!

I have been a fan of their music since the early 90s when I discovered them on KBCO. I could not get enough of their album Woodface. Still to me some of their best music! “Fall at Your Feet,” “Weather With You” and “Four Seasons in One Day” are still in my top played songs today!

The concert proved that they still got what it takes. Neil Finn’s son, Liam, opened the concert with a set of his own music. He is a one man act on his own. Making use of a guitar loop machine, he took me by surprise when he stopped playing the guitar to move to the drums, and the guitar kept going. Jeff explained to me after the set how he did that. I was a bit confused thinking he hadn’t been playing the guitar. He has a lot of energy, and it was amazing how much his voice sounded like Neil’s!

After his set, Fountains of Wayne came on. Lorne was quite excited by this as this was their first time in Denver. I am not completely familiar with their music, but know a little of it. They were very entertaining, although their one guitarist seemed a little out of it last night, seemed almost bored. They did talk about being very excited to be opening for Crowded House. Back in the early days, they through demo tapes on stage at a Crowded House concert. So this meant a lot to them.

Then came the big show! Neil was in great form, as was the rest of the band. His son joined them on stage to help out with guitar and piano. Neil’s enjoyment for performing is very evident. He has a lot of energy, and just feels like he is at home on the stage. They just give an amazing live performance! They sang all their classics, didn’t miss even one of my favorites!

They came back for three encores, and would have continued on, but the venue had other ideas. So they had to end, but I get the feeling Neil would have gone on all night if they had been allowed to. Jeff told me that he has a bootleg concert where they just get to a point where they started playing cover songs, and didn’t want to end the cocnert. They really feed from the energy of the crowd and Denver did not dissapoint them. There was a lot of audience participation, and you could just tell that the band really appreciated their fans!

I will never forget the experience. It was an amazing concert for, what Dan called, an old man’s concert… He figured we’d be done by like 9:30 or 10pm, and was shocked when I called at 11:15 to tell him that we had just gotten out. If they ever come your way, I highly recommend seeing them in concert!

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3 comments on “Crowded House In Concert – Aug 22, 2007

  1. Howard, if you’re reading this, it was actually a very boring concert. You’re lucky you weren’t there. I might’ve fallen over asleep but my feet were stuck to the floor.*

    *At least one of the above statements is not true. Okay, each of the above statements is not true.

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