Boston/NY Aug 2007 – The Video

I present to you my first project in iMovie ’08. Much easier to use than the old iMovie once I figured out how it works. I just wish they hadn’t dropped some of the features like being able to fade music in and out. If you are using a modern browser, like Safari 2.0 or Firefox 2, here is a link to a higher res version of the video.



4 comments on “Boston/NY Aug 2007 – The Video

  1. WoW! I loooove this video! Especially the NYC part because, as you know, my heart is in New York even while I was born and am living in Los Angeles.

    Anyway, fantastic video! 🙂 And I love that last song! :mrgreen:

  2. I never used the old iMovie having only just returned to Mac, but I hope it really is easy to use as I intend to bring my video-cam over to the US when me and D come to visit you guys! I’ve hardly ever used it and I’ve had it three years…! x

  3. Kath: Great seeing you at improv! Glad you liked the video! Yes the Apple store is amazing, busy as all get out too!

    Lisa Lee: I can understand, my heart is in England, even though I was raised in Colorado! But after that, the East coast is certainly next in line!

    Andy: I am looking forward to see you guys! And yes iMovie ’08 is really that simple! I just wish it had a little bit more features from the old version.

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