Labor Day – Trip to Mt. Evans

Well, what a nice relaxing weekend. Friday night, I did nothing… Saturday, I mostly did nothing, then went to the “When Animals Improv II” show staring Monkey’s Uncle and Rodents of Unusual Size. A lot of fun, especially the Mouse Trap game where they littered the stage with mouse traps and had the players act out the seen blindfolded walking across them barefoot.

teabig0802.jpgSunday… Did a little yard work… TOO HOT… came inside, then went out for Boba Tea (at the Lollicup just up the street from us at Nome & Montview for those looking for great Boba Tea!) If you haven’t experienced this treat, then, I highly recommend you do! It comes in various tea flavors or more exoctic fruit flavors. Our friend’s Leslie and Matt introduced me to it. And have had it a few times since… Wonderful stuff, especially the Snow variety! I have had such great flavors as Pumpkic Spice, Rose Flower and Banana. Basically it’s a tea drink that has the bobas in the drink… They are pearls of tapioca about the size of a small marble that you drink through a large straw. The bobas are like the consistency of a gummy bear.

yellowbelliedmarmot.jpgFor Labor Day, Lorne and I went on a little road trip up to Mt. Evans. We drove to Echo lake and walked around there for a bit, then moved on to the drive to the 14,103 ft. top. A little nerve racking for someone like me who has that fear of heights thing! But I made it up and back down! Along the way we encountered some of the wildlife, up close and personal! This little Yellow Bellied Marmot came right up to the car thinking we were going to feed it when we slowed down to avoid hitting it. The same held true for the Mt. Goats. They walked right down the middle of the road going car to car hoping for some food. Once we got to the top, the view was amazing! I have posted our pictures here for your viewing pleasure!

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