Well, after 18 months living in our new home, we finally have a dishwasher and a disposal! No more stinky disposal because I couldn’t turn it on, and no more doing the dishes by hand! Since selling the condo back in April, I have finally been able to start getting some of the important stuff done around the house! I got a home improvement loan a few months back, and have been trying to get an electrician out to the house.

I finally tracked someone who had time to come take a look at the place and he has made me feel more at ease. I was led to believe that the house was going to require a service change to get me back on my feet. But the guy that I have doing the work, is only doing what needs to be done to get the house back up to snuff. He let me know that if I could avoid doing it without a service upgrade I would be better off in the long run. A service change apparently involves higher taxes and getting permits and stuff.

While the electrical is not pretty, he has managed to work with what is there to get the appliances set up so they are not on a GFI outlet. Appliances and computers will trip a GFI, and our house was set up with everything on one. As an added bonus, I was able to get rid of all the extension cords in the kitchen that came from other rooms to run the fridge, microwave, etc.!

The good news is that this should definitely come in well under $1000. I had planned on it being more in the realm of $3-4k. So with all that extra money in pocket, I can try and get other things done like new windows and a new front door to try and keep in some of the heat this winter!

Next up is getting the plumbing fixed so that the washer machine can drain correctly. Then a new furnace for this next winter! Getting all these problems fixed, I now have so many extension cords that I just don’t know what to do with! 🙂