iPhone Upgrade Woes… Learn from My Problems!

Today, Apple release iPhone update version 1.1.1. It brings some great new features like the iTunes Store for the iPhone,

Other new features:
– Louder speakerphone and receiver volume
– Home Button double-click shortcut to phone favorites or music controls
– Space bar double-tap shortcut to intelligently insert period and space
– Mail attachments are viewable in portrait and landscape
– Stocks and cities in Stocks and Weather can be re-ordered
– Apple Bluetooth Headset battery status in the Status Bar
– Support for TV Out
– Preference to turn off EDGE/GPRS when roaming internationally
– New Passcode lock time intervals
– Adjustable alert volume

However, in all the greatness, Apple overlooked one issue. When I installed the update to my iPhone, it told me that I needed to enter my passcode to unlock the phone… However, when I went to do this, my phone told me it had to be activated before I could do anything other than make emergency calls.

I was getting quite frustrated, and only more so when I had to wait for 45 minutes to get ahold of tech support. After that, I had to talk with the tech support for 30 minutes to get my problem resolved. Unfortunately, it meant having to do a complete restore of the iPhone, but how does one do that when iTunes won’t recognize the iPhone?

I had to disconnect the phone from the computer, then turn it off. Once it was off, I then had to hold the home button down for 10 seconds, and then connect the phone to my computer. Once I did that, the phone asked if I wanted to restore the phone. Once that was done, I then had to sync the phone, and go back in and reset all my settings on the phone.

One big thing, if you are reading this Apple… Please make a way to delete multiple e-mails at once, as well as a way to empty the trash can!


3 comments on “iPhone Upgrade Woes… Learn from My Problems!

  1. Shit. Do you think this was a ‘just you’ thing or an ‘everyone will have to do this” thing? I JUST got my iPhone to where its behaving and to where everything is good with my computer. Uggh, I can’t imagine having to do all this again!

  2. I was completely paranoid about updating my iPhone… but I gotta tell you. After my fiasco just setting up my new computer and stuff, my iPhone updated no problem.

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