A Facelift Again

Well, my current theme is not fairing well with the upgrade to 2.3, so my blog will be looking different as I search for another theme that suits my needs as well as this current one has. Unfortunately, the guy who designed it seems to have decided to not put anymore work into getting it finished and stable, so it has to go.

Please give me any feedback as things change if you see stuff you like or don’t like.


10 comments on “A Facelift Again

  1. I like the ‘flatter’ look on this one but I don’t think it makes the most of the cool header graphic. WP 2.3 breaks a lot of things. I had to switch themes too and I still get a really weird occasional error where my blog switches to the default theme all on its ownsome. x

  2. I was thinking when the page loaded – when did I subscribe to this blog?? I”m here for the words, the layout isn’t a big thing for me.

  3. Kath: Thanks for letting me know, I think I have it fixed now.

    Howard: Yeah, just figuring out where things like colors are… not quite good enough to redesign the template completely yet!

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