Crack Out the Cauldron and Zombies! UPDATE!

Halloween Season is upon us again! Spicy, I am officially entering this into your Cauldron contest :). This is my favorite time of year, as many of you know! It’s time for me to dig out my zombie attire, and head back to Brutal Planet! It’s become a tradition of mine that I almost didn’t do this year, but decided in the past few weeks that I would return again for my 10th and last season at Brutal Planet. (The name is supposedly being retired after this year).

This is a picture of me from a few seasons ago. I have a ton more of pictures from me and others at the haunted house on my gallery if you want to see more. (You will need to be using a modern browser like Firefox in order to view the gallery).

I will be working weekends through October at Elitch Gardens if anyone should want to stop by for a scare… I know it is expensive to get in, but there are plenty of places to get discount tickets! Bring in a Pepsi can or stop by most any fast food restaurant for discount coupons. Even purchase your tickets online here. Just whatever you do don’t pay full price! There is no reason to do such a thing. I believe King Soopers also sells discounted tickets. There are two haunted houses and plenty of street performers to entertain you. Brutal Planet is an additional $5 and is not recommended for children under 12 as it is quite gory.

I do hope that you can make it out and enjoy being scared to death! And if anyone is interested in trying to hit some of the other local haunted houses in the Denver Metro area, there are a lot of other great ones besides ours. Some of the ones that are not to be missed every year are Frightmare, Field of Corpses and Spider Mansion. These are always outstanding houses! If you need more information or reviews of the local houses, Haunted Denver is always a great resource.

THIS JUST IN!!! Mix 100 has teamed up with ARC Thrift Stores to host a special Boo in the Gardens at Elitch Gardens on the 27th and 28th. Details here how you can get a pass for $8 to get into the park that last weekend of the season!


5 comments on “Crack Out the Cauldron and Zombies! UPDATE!

  1. It’s not too late! I’ve extended the deadline to this Sunday night, October 7 as Howard points out. So yes! Submit it! I just hope we get some more folks interested… The fact that Halloween/Samhain is just round the corner actually makes the timing more appropriate given that the theme is the word ‘cauldron’! 🙂

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