The Perfect Storm… Chaser

Erasure’s new EP Storm Chaser, was released in the US yesterday. It contains a variety of remixes from the Light at the End of the World CD released earlier this year. This album has had some of the best remixes to come Erasure’s way in a long time. In the past too many of their remixes, the song has gotten lost, and it really is no longer an Erasure song.

With this EP, we are given remixes of some songs that at first weren’t necessarily stand outs on the album, but the songs shine with the remix treatment. While Sunday Girl was my favorite track on the album at first, Storm in a Tea Cup has really become my stand out must listen on the album. The Koishi & Hush Club Mix really makes this little gem stand out even more! Keeping the original feel of the song, this hyped up techno mix will feel at home in any dance club.

For those of you that didn’t necessarily warm up to the album, I highly suggest that you give this remix EP a chance. If nothing else, you get a wonderfully funky duet with Andy Bell and Cyndi Lauper, who could ask for anything more! I think once you give Storm Chaser a listen you will agree that these are quite possibly the best remixes ever for Erasure! It even includes a fan submitted remix of When a Lover Leaves You. I only wish my remix skills had been good enough to try out for the competition!

To get you in the mood, I give you the Koishi & Hush Club Mix for your listening pleasure!


2 comments on “The Perfect Storm… Chaser

  1. When did you start liking Erasure? That’s going to look weird sitting next to the Rat, Poison, and Cinderella in your collection.

    Why haven’t you officially entered Andy’s contest yet? 🙂

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