Happy Halloween!

Halloween is once again upon us! Happy Halloween to my fellow bloggers out there! May all the gouls give you a good fright tonight!

While Brutal Planet may already be closed for the season… some of you may be looking to go somewhere fun tonight for a little scare! A few of the other local area houses that I can recommend to you tonight are:

Scream Park: A frightfully good romp through a genre of horror classic films! Nice and long with some great acting!

Field of Corpses: While not one of the oldest houses around town, certainly one of the best! If you have seen “House of a 1000s Corpses” you will enjoy this highly entertaining haunted attraction!

Frightmare: One of Denver’s oldest haunted attraction, this outdoor haunt takes you through some of the most realistic depictions of horror around!

I have been to the first two this year, and the third never disappoints, and still hope to make it there before they close this weekend! If you make it to any of them, let me know what you thought!


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