Thanksgiving Wedding

Pics Speak for themselves I think.



Dan Tells Me that I am Going to Hell…

Dan and I were driving home from lunch the other day…. We passed this brand new school… Lots of beautiful windows and such… I looked at the name of the school… It was a school for blind children.

I looked at Dan and asked: “Why would they need so many windows in a school for the blind? It’s not like they can look out them.”

Yeah, I am going to hell… oh well, I was already headed there anyway.

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The New and Improved Back Room!

Our friend has once again helped us out with painting… This time we have revamped Dan’s game room in the back of the house. It actually feels like a real room now! I also removed the window in our kitchen that looked out on to the back room… Opens things up soooo much!

Thanks so much for your hard work Doug!

Here are some before and after pics!



Cars on Blu-Ray

Disney has finally managed to pick sides for HD content. They have gone with Blu-Ray… Now if only I could afford one of those pretty players! In honor of the release this week on Blu-Ray, I bring you my Cars collection I have in my cubicle! I am still trying to track down about 8 or 9 more of the current release… at least that’s what it is now, until they release more, or there is a sequel!

Gay World Game

One of my co-workers just came and told me about his drunken adventure last weekend. He got really drunk, and then apparently came home and wrote this flash game, but has no memory of doing so… It’s a cute gay version of Super Mario World.

Check it out here 🙂

An Interesting Thanksgiving to Be

I got a call from my dad last Monday, and he informed me that he and his girlfriend had moved up the date of their wedding. It was originally planned for sometime next summer. Now, it is scheduled for Thanksgiving Day… Not a lot of notice, and had already made plans that I unfortunately had to cancel.

It is just starting to sink in now, that my dad is, after 24 years divorced finally with someone new. I am very happy for him, and they do seem to be happy together, but, Dan pointed out that I will soon have a Step-Mother, and that is starting to weird me out a bit. I had gotten used to my parents being single, and guess I had just expected it to be that way.

I am trying to figure out how I will refer to her. How does one refer to their step-mom? Will I call her by her name, or something else… I could never get used to calling her mom, but step-mom doesn’t seem right either. What has anyone else out there in this situation done?

It will be interesting,I am flying into Phoenix, AZ, and getting a rental car to drivedown to Yuma, AZ for 3 1/2 days. It doesn’t sound like there is much to do there. I will be around a bunch of people that share very different ideas of fun than I do. They are all sand dune ATV riding people. Guess I better have a lot of video on my iPhone for the trip!