An Interesting Thanksgiving to Be

I got a call from my dad last Monday, and he informed me that he and his girlfriend had moved up the date of their wedding. It was originally planned for sometime next summer. Now, it is scheduled for Thanksgiving Day… Not a lot of notice, and had already made plans that I unfortunately had to cancel.

It is just starting to sink in now, that my dad is, after 24 years divorced finally with someone new. I am very happy for him, and they do seem to be happy together, but, Dan pointed out that I will soon have a Step-Mother, and that is starting to weird me out a bit. I had gotten used to my parents being single, and guess I had just expected it to be that way.

I am trying to figure out how I will refer to her. How does one refer to their step-mom? Will I call her by her name, or something else… I could never get used to calling her mom, but step-mom doesn’t seem right either. What has anyone else out there in this situation done?

It will be interesting,I am flying into Phoenix, AZ, and getting a rental car to drivedown to Yuma, AZ for 3 1/2 days. It doesn’t sound like there is much to do there. I will be around a bunch of people that share very different ideas of fun than I do. They are all sand dune ATV riding people. Guess I better have a lot of video on my iPhone for the trip!


6 comments on “An Interesting Thanksgiving to Be

  1. I called my stepmom by her name (Ila)…. but when we were growing up she decided she wouldn’t want to be called our stepmom so we called her “Auntie Ila.” That’s silly, now that I think about it. But it worked!

  2. Call her by her first name.

    Also, try hanging out with everyone else when it comes to the outdoorsy stuff. While you may not be into their specific activities, you never know until you try. And you’ll get kosmic brownie points for making the effort 🙂

  3. Yeah. First name. You have an adult relationship with her so its warranted.

    Also, don’t call her “mom”. That is a sure way to piss off everyone– including your REAL mom.

  4. So long as she isn’t a wicked stepmother and doesn’t try to get you to eat shiny red apples, work in the cellar while she goes to parties, or stop you trying on the glass slipper, I think it doesn’t matter what you call her. Whatever you’re both comfortable with, I guess. x

  5. Thanks all for the feedback! Andy, thankfully she isn’t a wicked stepmother… I had pretty much figured first name basis was best. Just wasn’t sure if there was common etticuit in this situation.

    Kath, I will see… I did go with them as a kid and never really enjoyed it, maybe it will be different now.

    Howard: Yeah, I had thought about that… I better contact him soon!

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