Star Trek Set To Boldly Go Blu?

According to this article from the financial times, Paramount apparently has a clause in their contract with the HD-DVD camp, that if Warner Bros. goes Blu, that they will be allowed to jump ship and join the Blu-Ray camp as well.

While this is only speculation at the moment, with 70% of Hollywood movies being released in Blu-Ray now, it only makes sense that Paramount would abandon the ailing HD-DVD format in this war. At that point, it would leave only Universal and Dreamworks on the HD-DVD side (it isn’t known wether either of them have this same clause).

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but I for one will be happy to be able to upgrade my Star Trek movies to Blu-Ray if it does indeed come to fruition! Hopefully the end of the war will also see a drop in price to the Blu-Ray camp to get more consumers adopting it.


2 comments on “Star Trek Set To Boldly Go Blu?

  1. Doesn’t the PS3 have upscaling of standard DVD? I’ve seen upscaled DVDs and it’s a very clever technology with impressive results on picture (obviously no sound improvement but then I’ve always been happy with 5.1 Dolby on conventional discs anyway). I don’t feel any need to ever upgrade from DVD to HD, whichever format, unless the original programme or film was recorded in HD in the first place. x

  2. The upscaling is pretty nice… But once you see the same movie in HD, there is a serious difference. It is especially noticable in animation… Not so much with real life movies.

    I don’t really plan on upgrading my movies either… Although, I did upgrade all my Harry Potter, because I got a buy 1 get 1 free off Amazon. So it was $10 per movie.

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