Jurassic Players

Gone the way of extinction… 8 Track, Betamax, and soon HD-DVD. I just blogged about Paramount’s ability to bail if they so want. While they are currently denying plans to do so, today, news comes that Universal (the last of two major studios distributing exclusively on HD-DVD) no longer has a contract with HD-DVD.

This clears the way for Universal to join the Blu-Ray bandwagon any day now. They have stated that they have some big HD-DVD promos already planned in the near future. They, however, have not denied plans to jump ship.

Many retailers are getting tired of dedicating space to the dying HD-DVD. I think we could see an end to this war in a matter of a few more months, even sooner possibly.

I feel bad for the 400k or so people that have adopted HD-DVD at this point. I know I would be feeling like crap right now if Blu-Ray were the side loosing, although at least I would still have a gaming unit out of it.

Thanks to Howard for the tip to the above mentioned article.


2 comments on “Jurassic Players

  1. Awesome image! Yeah, that’s why we haven’t even tried to adopt any of the next gen players until everyone makes up their minds.

  2. 1) This is why I’ve waiting this one out. 🙂

    2) Why pick on 8-Track? There is reel-to-reel, cassette, vinyl, grammaphone, stone & chisel, etc.

    3) Thinking back, this has been seemingly decided much quicker than I would have imagined.

    4) Yes, I love the image as well.

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