Is It Friggin’ Cold In Here? Not After Tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be a very important day in the life of this old house! We will be upgrading its heating as well as adding central air to the home! I received a special offer in the mail from Coffman to get a brand new furnace at a remarkable discount.

They apparently buy excess inventory from York at the end of each year and gamble that people like me will be willing to install a new furnace right in the middle of winter. We will be getting a brand new 2-stage furnace with a heat pump to increase our efficiency as well as actually generate heat in this house!

Our current furnace is 20 years old, and cranks out minimal heat at about 65% efficiency… The new one will be at least 80% efficient and hopefully do away with the need for space heaters!

When I decided to look into this, I had no idea it would happen so soon! They will be here first thing tomorrow to tear out the old one, and bring in the new one! I am so excited! It is going to cost a little more than I had budgeted, but my budget was not looking to be able to afford A/C till this offer came along!

If you are looking to get a new furnace and or A/C, I would definitely look into this special and see if it is right for you! Let them know I recommended you, and I can get a referral bonus!

More exciting updates to the house coming next week! We are getting a real kitchen floor finally!


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