I Am Very Close to Going Postal!

Last week we got our new furnace, and it was great! Monday we started getting our new floor in. Here we are Thursday night, and we still don’t have a completed kitchen floor, and to top it all off, our brand new furnace is not working anymore, it just puts out very cold air. So now we get to deal with a house that is a mess, and freezing cold on top of it all!

My work is starting to wear thin with my having to leave early, come in late, and most of the time this week it has been for nothing. I really want this week to be over now!

I have to get up at 4am because that is the soonest they can come out to fix our heat! I can’t even begin to describe the anger I am feeling at this point!

By qphayes Posted in Rant

2 comments on “I Am Very Close to Going Postal!

  1. Oh, no…. I’m sorry to hear all that. 😦

    I’d come up with something cheery and optimistic but that might come off as annoying, really I just hope you and Dan get some time to relax, warm up, and sleep!

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