This Struck Me Last Night…


After last night’s Super Tuesday Caucuses, It got me a little scared when I saw Huckabee starting to gain some momentum. I really feel he is too extreme right winged to be good for this country. Every time I hear his name the movie comes to mind, and last night, I just thought out loud, the no, I don’t Heart Huckabee. I just hope that McCain can maintain his lead should we not be able to get a democrat into office this next election.

Given Kucinich’s drop out of the running for election, I have struggled to decide who I want to throw my support behind. I have researched, and feel that I am most compatible with Obama. It has been a difficult decision between him and Clinton, but, in the end I feel that he seems to be more sincere in his hopes for change in this country.



9 comments on “This Struck Me Last Night…

  1. Yeah, it was a tough choice to decide who to throw my support behind, I had been pushing for Hillary, and should she be the nominee, I will vote for her.

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  3. Last night I watched two conservatives on MSNBC complain about how liberal McCain is and all the things they complained about (his stance on immigration for instance) I like. Of course his statement about staying in Iraq for 100 years is going to be the sound bite we hear for the entire summer.

  4. Howard told me to come by and check out your anti-Huckabee bumper sticker. Nice!

    “Better Hillary than anyone from the Republican party.”

    Not like she is any different from the rest. Mediocre leadership held up by a career of power brokering. My only hope is for a lot of gridlock. 2007 was a good year in Congress because nothing got done. 🙂

    Presidential elections are a lot like the sport of boxing. Used to have marquee matchups like Foreman and Tyson. Now you got people that wouldn’t last three rounds with Tommy Gunn.

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