Planet Earth: Discovery HD Theater

original.gifWell, after a long wait, I have finally received my Blu-Ray version of the American Discovery release of Planet Earth. Thank you Lorne for all your hard work getting the BBC version exchanged.

I can say that I am not disappointed in my decision to have the BBC version exchanged for the Discovery version. It is very evident that the Discovery Channel went to a lot more effort than the BBC release to make sure that the viewer got the best quality experience out of the Blu-Ray release. The imagery is as good if not better than what was experienced on the Discovery HD airing on HDTV.

Unlike the BBC release, there is none of the problems in shadows with weird lines. The colors are more vibrant and rich. Some purists may say that they messed up something that was perfect, but the production value of the American release is far superior to the BBC release. The music is more engaging, and the opening credits more intense, showcasing the series’ best moments. Sigourney Weaver’s narration is also much more suited to the series.


One comment on “Planet Earth: Discovery HD Theater

  1. you forgot to mention the Discovery version has close to 50 minutes of footage removed vs the BBC version. and the BBC is encoded @ 1080p VC1 vs 1080i Mpeg4.

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