Elitch’s Set To Make Improvements!

According to this article from 9News.com, the New Elitch Gardens is set to make some drastic improvements for this season!

The biggest and best decision in my mind is the admission price drop! The new price for admission will be $34.99 down from $44.99, also dropping is parking down to $10 from $15. The constant raise in prices is one of the reason that I feel Six Flags really was hurting Elitch Gardens. That price was just too high for such a small park!

20080319__ghostblasterp1.jpgOther improvements this year include a new dark ride called Ghost Blasters, where you ride in a car with a gun shooting at moving targets, kind of like the old shooting galleries, just this version you are moving! It’s been at least 20 years since Elitch’s got rid of The Haunted House at the old park, it was always one of my favorites. This will be an 8000 sq. ft Haunted House ride. They will be having a summer concert series this year with performers like Billy Ray Cyrus and Smash Mouth.

Sounds like Parc Management has finally allowed them to make some great decisions to help bring people back to Elitch Gardens!


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