Bad Ideas!

Just to let you know, washing an iPod Shuffle with your clothes is not a good idea! Damnit, now I don’t have music for the gym! just a pretty non-functioning, albeit clean, orange shuffle.


New Look For Support of Howard

I have sported a new look in support of my friend Howard, who last month, was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Thankfully, he had a very localized case that was in his appendix. His PET and Bone Marrow Biopsy both came back clean, but he still had to go in for Chemotherapy, and to help support him as he goes through this, I have decided to shave my head (what little I had left anyway).

If you feel like helping, please support the Luekemia & Lymphoma Society by making a donation.

My friend, Dusty, has helped me out with a little early birthday present to reflect my new look.

Karma or Coincidence?

Friday night ended up being a major comedy of errors evening, which is funny, because that was the play showing at the Castle Rock High School, and I saw the sign on our way down to Colorado Springs.

A few months ago, my friend Leslie decided that for our montly game night we needed to go to this place down in Colorado Springs. It is a gymnastics place that has a floor made up of nothing but trampolines, foam pits, bungies and such, a great place for kids to go and jump around. Well once a night, according to this article from the Rocky Mountain News:

“It’s tempting to think it’s just about the kids, and birthday parties are indeed very popular here. But Parent’s night out is the tough ticket to get, the once-a-month free-for-all where adults release their tensions and inner children by going crazy on the gym’s 29 trampolines, bungee jumps and in the foam pits”

We got there and there were all these kids, and were wondering what was up. We got to the counter, and the lady asked if we had already let our kids out on the floor. We explained it was just us, and she got a horrified look on her face. She took our 20 bucks and told us we could check out upstairs and then go out on the floor if we really wanted to. Well, apparently, it was more of a parents night where you dropped your kids off so that you could go have a night to yourself. So we went upstairs where we were greated by this woman leaving this room with all these todlers. She freaked out that we were up there and explained she was only taking the kids to the bathroom. She must have thought we were child molesters or something. So we went back to the main floor, but there were no other adults out there, and we felt it would be a bit creepy, she explained the whole deal to us. So we decided it was not a good idea, and got a refund and decided we would go bowling.

We got in the car, and Leslie realized she needed socks to go bowling, so we stopped at K-Mart and then headed on to the bowling alley. I kid you not, this place looked straight out of Roadhouse… So, I mentioned seeing this bit entertainment complex when we entered the Springs. We decided to try going there instead, and we got there, and there was some special event going on, and all these high school kids had been bussed in, and so again, after walking around the place for a bit felt very uncomfortable.

So off to the diner in Monument we dicided. We had eaten there once before and enjoyed it. We got there and it had closed 5 minutes prior at 9pm, on a Friday night! Well, we gave up at that point, headed back to Denver and ended up at IHOP for a really late dinner.

I am feeling this is all Karma because, Bossy, who is taking a road trip across the country made her stop into Denver that night, and since my plans had been made months in advance I told her I would not be able to meet her that night. Well, in hindsight, I guess I should have cancelled! But Howard got to spend time with her, and said they had a lot of fun chatting! I promise Bossy, if I ever have this opportunity again, I will ditch whatever plans I have that night!

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