Bad Ideas!

Just to let you know, washing an iPod Shuffle with your clothes is not a good idea! Damnit, now I don’t have music for the gym! just a pretty non-functioning, albeit clean, orange shuffle.


5 comments on “Bad Ideas!

  1. At least ya didn’t wash your iPhone! Knock on Wood… Take the shuffle to Apple! I’m sure you can use your fancy Apple Protection dealio to revive it…

  2. Or let it dry out completely and see if it still works. I washed a cell phone and three days later it worked just fine.

  3. You know what ELSE is a bad idea? Washing and then DRYING a bottle of poppers. Not good. AND a potential fire hazard.

  4. Dusty,: Yes, that would have been much worse!!!

    Howard: Dan said the same thing about his shuffle, after a few months it was working again… been a week and a half now, and still no go… Oh well, my new one just showed up!

    CB: Yeah, poppers in the dryer, glad your still around! Could of been bad in our gas dryer!

  5. Poppers, ugh. They call them that in the US as well? Vile stuff, and better at killing brain cells than booze. Did you find a new use for the Shuffle? A clothes peg, perhaps? Or did it survive, which I doubt but would be amazed if it did. x

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