My Arch Nemesis Is A Bush! No, Not That Bush This Time!

This past weekend, I got the idea to finally work on removing one of the bushes in my front yard that is kind of an eyesore, especially since I got rid of the fence in the front yard!

So this weekend, I mowed the lawn, and trimmed the bush down to the stump… I started digging, only to find this thing to be way bigger, than I had thought it would be! Who knows how old the bush was, but I do know it has had many years to make itself a permanent fixture!

Needless to say, while the front yard looks better without the bush, there is still the horrible stump that is a new eyesore.

Anyone out there with suggestions for removing it would be very welcome! I am going to have to break down and go to Home Depot and see what their thoughts are!


2 comments on “My Arch Nemesis Is A Bush! No, Not That Bush This Time!

  1. You can buy stuff, think it’s lime-based, that is safe to use but speeds up the decay process, assuming the bush is actually dead. I have to say, if it isn’t, why not let it grow but under your watchful maintaining eye from now on? Is the bush particularly offensive in some way other than it having been overgrown? If not, give it a second chance – it’s a lot easier than waging war on substantial root systems.

    The last thing you want to be using if you’re wise is noxious poisons that pollute the subsoil. So take care on where you get advice – shops sell poisons, and so will recommend them for everything without any regard for consequences.

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