The Devastation In Windsor

Thursday, at around 12:30pm, I got a call from Dan. His sister in Windsor had called to tell him that their house was one of the unfortunate 596 homes in the small town of Windsor to be hit by the massive mile wide tornado that ravaged northern Colorado that morning.

It was such a surreal moment, I hear about these horrific acts of nature taking out towns like this, but it is never anyone you know. As of right now, we still don’t know the extent of the damage to their home, but that they are not currently allowed back there to get their belongings right now. We do know that there was substantial damage to their roof, and the windows have been blown out. Thankfully all of the family is ok, and living with the in-laws right now. Their house is one of the 102 homes deemed unsafe.

I would ask any of my readers that are able, to please donate to the red cross here to help the many residents of Windsor who have been left homeless, or have massive repairs coming their way to get their lives back on track. You can go here to see photos of the devastation, as well as the magnitude of the tornado itself!


2 comments on “The Devastation In Windsor

  1. Thanks Andy!

    To give you all an update… They have been a lot more fortunate than others. The majority of the damage was from all the glass that was blown in from all the windows in the house. They primarily have to get the flooring replaced and the windows of course.

    They are expecting to be back in their home within two weeks!

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