Wii Fit, My Take

Make all the jokes you want to about Nintendo’s new little white pad you stand on, like this video:

But, I can tell you that after using it for 30-40 minutes a day since Sunday evening, I have lost 4.7 lbs in those short 4 days! And I haven’t even changed my eating habits.

It may look boring, but it is like having a personal trainer in front of you that can show you the proper form for many of these exercises. The balancing games are fairly entertaining, and makes me kind of enjoy getting in a little workout. I have been going to the gym, and haven’t seen these kind of results, granted, it has been only once or twice a week… but if I can keep up with it, I should be able to get back to under 200 lbs someday! 🙂


4 comments on “Wii Fit, My Take

  1. dude, I LOVE my Wii-Fit. She’s a bitch to me generally, as I”ve levelled off a bit in weight so she says things like, “you’ve gained a little since last time– why is that?”

    Some of the yoga poses and fitness exercises frustrate me when they tell me to “keep my balance or keep this above the blue line” when its hard to watch the screen AND do the exercise.

    But it is fun.

    I also love Wii Tennis and BOXING! I kick ass at boxing. Undefeated so far.

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