Today is 4 Years!

Today marks Dan, and my 4 year anniversary together. Having met at Gay Day at Elitch Gardens, and our first awkward encounter exchanging phone numbers, who would have guessed back then, that we would of still been together. 

Well here we are, we have been through a lot, like trying to live through a 550 square foot condo together for a year, and now his upcoming surgery to correct a birth defect with his kidneys! 

I honestly can’t imagine life without him around at this point. He has become such an integral part and I love him for it! He and I are considering that next big step now! Yes, adoption… We have finally settled on it, and we are going to be looking for a cute little runt to add to our family in the coming months. So if anyone out there has any connections, we would be grateful in your help for our search for a female Boston Terrier puppy! The one in the picture belong to our friends. That is Pearl, a very precious little pup that has won my heart over to having a dog again!

I look forward to many more years with you Dan! Thanks for making my life interesting!


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