Dan May Be Coming Home Today!

This week has been a rough week for Dan and I. He went in on Tuesday to have a surgery performed on his kidney. He’s been having problems with kidney infections all year, and this last one he had the doctors do a little more research. They found that he had a congenital defect that had caused a blood vessel to be wrapped around the ureter from his kidney to his bladder. As a consequence, his kidney could not expel its urine correctly and has been backing up his whole life. It had had gotten so bad, his right kidney is twice the size of his left and functioning only at 18%.

This meant surgery for him. So he has been anxiously awaiting this past Tuesday to hit for almost 2 months now. He had a long wait, as they were to perform the surgery laparoscopically with the Da Vinci Surgical Robot, of which Denver only has two (so long waiting lists). He chose to go with Porter Hospital by DU. Very nice hospital btw! Great staff, except his Nurse after surgery apparently.

We went in Tuesday morning, after he had to fast for 48 hours and not drink for 12 hours… by, was he miserable! We got to meet with his doctor who described the procedure to us, in terms that actually made sense to us! Myself and his family then had to wait for the procedure to be finished (longest 5 hours of my life!). The nurse called me about every 30 minutes to give me updates on his progress! That really was reassuring to know everything was going well. They finished ahead of schedule, then we had to wait 2 hours for him to come out of anesthesia to go visit him. Everything went very well, and he is recovering nicely.

He is finally back on solid foods as of this morning, starting with some cream of wheat. They are going to try him out on some pudding next, then if all goes well, he will get to have a real dinner later! There is a good chance that he will get to come home tonight! It has been really hard for me to sleep without him around, and the cats are not taking it well either… Waldo, who loves to eat, didn’t even touch his food bowl all day yesterday, although he did finally decide to come sleep with me last night.

I am getting ready to spend the rest of the day at the hospital with him, and hopefully tonight, will have him home so he can try and get on with his recovery. He is scheduled to be laid up recovering for 3-6 weeks. Please keep him in your thoughts for a speedy recovery as he will get very tired of being cooped up in the house very quickly! That and the sooner he recovers, the sooner we can start the search for our new family member!


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