Having Fun With iPhone 2.0

While Apple hasn’t officially release iPhone 2.0. Some crazy people have found the link on Apple’s site to the software. I have gone ahead and installed it on my phone already! What can I say, Wow, Apple has outdone themselves with allowing apps to be written for the iPhone.

I have already downloaded a bunch of the free apps off the store, like AIM, Twitter, and Remote (which allows me to control the AppleTV and iTunes with my iPhone). I have also downloaded facebook and myspace. But one of the really cool free apps is Pandora Radio. Dan has been using this website for quite a while to discover new music, and now, it is available on the iPhone to discover new music! Another great app for those getting the new 3G iPhone is Where… It will allow you to network with friends so they can see where you are… I tried it on my phone, but it has me about 4 blocks from where I really am.

I downloaded Cro-Mag rally, which is a fun little game (think Mario Kart except with cavemen and women). Looks like it has the ability to sync with other iPhones, and race against other people.

Once the mobileme transition is complete, I look forward to seeing how the push mail and other stuff works, but just having the apps is an amazing day! If you don’t have an iPhone yet, this will certainly sway you in favor of getting one once you see the 500 plus apps already on the store!

Now, where to get $300 to get my iPhone 3G?


One comment on “Having Fun With iPhone 2.0

  1. The App Store is fantastic. I’m just waiting for an Office app to be released so that I can edit Word documents on the move! The iPhone 3G is a huge improvement on the first model, unsurprisingly, although the battery doesn’t last long – but then, that’s because it’s more than a phone and certainly a device I use far more often than I ever did any previous mobile phone. x

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